Introducing Pivotal Practice

Pivotal Practice offers a stress-free environment to learn, practice, and build critical human skills
needed to create a more inclusive workplace. By leveraging GenAI, learning science, and roleplay
simulation, Pivotal Practice transforms managers into confident, effective, and inclusive leaders.  


Pivotal Practice helps leaders build the critical skills needed to create a more inclusive workplace 

In a year marked by polarizing discussions and unprecedented uncertainty, mastering inclusive leadership skills has become imperative for leaders and organizations to thrive. Traditional solutions haven't met the need, with 42% of managers believing their organization doesn't help them become successful leaders. 

Introducing Pivotal Practice.

By leveraging GenAI, learning science, and roleplay simulations, Pivotal Practice builds confidence amongst learners, provides personalized feedback coaching on how to collaborate across differences, and drives higher performing teams. 

Personalized Feedback, powered by GenAI 

Trained by Praxis Labs’ team of in-house learning scientists, GenAI assesses learners' responses for inclusive leadership skills and provides personalized recommendations for improvement.

Scalable & Just-in-Time

                                                      Designed for the busy manager, these 5-7 min experiences deliver guidance precisely when you need it to accelerate growth —
scalable across distributed teams.

Skills Growth & Measurement

Track individual and organizational progress as the product measures skills application and mastery.

We’re shifting a bit to focus on inclusive leadership training and are concerned about having to build this. The whole Praxis Labs program is built through that lens, which is exciting because we can embed this [in our manager training] throughout the year. Talent Development Manager, Fortune 100 Tech Company
"One of our biggest challenges is scaling ourLearning team's reach and impact. Many of our people leaders struggle with difficult conversations, but we can only facilitate workshops for up to ~200 leaders per year. This isa powerful tool to help us scale.” Director of Learning

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