Feedback development at scale

Pivotal Practice helps your employees deliver actionable feedback by building the skills needed to communicate across differences, navigate difficult conversations, and inspire high performance. 


Unlock team performance with human-centered and inclusive feedback

Candid feedback is one of the most sought-after, but difficult skills to build in any workplace. Add in diverse, global, and remote teams and it becomes even more challenging. 

Introducing Pivotal Practice.

By harnessing the power of AI, immersive simulations, and cutting-edge learning science, Pivotal Practice equips individuals with the necessary skills to deliver impactful feedback during critical moments such as one-on-ones and performance reviews.

AI Grading & Feedback

Trained by Praxis Labs’ team of in-house learning scientists, AI assesses learners' responses for inclusive leadership skills and provides personalized recommendations to clarify and improve their feedback.

On-Demand Microlearning

Packaged in 5-10 minute experiences, learners can practice giving feedback where they learn best and when needed most — like before performance reviews, 1:1s, and team meetings. 

Perspective-taking through Immersive Tech

Immersive simulations provide the opportunity to practice how delivering sensitive feedback might actually feel, and allow learners to fail and try again, without the risk of hurting someone in real life.

"I often see colleagues deliver feedback that's filled with emotion and anecdotes. When it comes to feedback, stick to the facts." Learning Experience Program Manager, Enterprise Manufacturing Company

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Praxis Labs offers immersive learning experiences, research-backed learning design, and AI-powered personalized feedback — all in one scalable platform.